No one ever cares about the antagonists, not a single one. The protagonists, they are successful, rich, and have a relatively high social status. They are the alphas, the stars, the centre under a spotlight. The legendary protagonists are the ultimate role model that every parent expect their children or potential children to be.

Where the protagonists live, live the antagonists.

Antagonists, they are smart enough to against the protagonists, that means they must be smart enough to be protagonists.

I, am an antagonist, and let me tell you what an antagonist is. We despise the social norms that restrain one’s ability. We despise the mindset that you have to win. We despise the phenomenon that treats efficiency and productivity way more important than happiness. Instead of producing “useful” things, we spend our time on something people nowadays considered as trivial. We are artists, philosophers, theoretical scientists, writers, mathematicians, poets…

We think for the sake of thinking; we create for the sake of creating, we pursue the knowledge for the sake of the ultimate truth. We aren’t here for the money or fame.

This is a short and non-official self-introduction.