This is the first blog post I am putting on this site, Two Gather blog.

I am C.H. A lover, programmer, entrepreneur, and a student.

I will see if I can get C.C to write a brief self-introduction post for herself.


What is this website?

This is a blog website for two: me (C.H) and my gonna-be fiancée (C.C).

I have established this blog website to allow us both to have our own little space to record and share our own little stories.

What is going to be shared?

Our daily stories, random thoughts, philosophical moments, and possibly creative writings.

We are both going to be writing, while I am the one who’s going to be keep this website maintained and updated on the tech side.

We possibly are going to write in English, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文), and Cantonese (廣東話). Yes, we speak quite a few languages. It’s really up to what we are feeling at the moment (like sometimes you feel like only a specific word in one language can express your thoughts), and we probably will write posts containing more than one language. (Sorry for the inconvenience reading :P)


Why create this website?

Well, I am a programmer myself, and I never liked too much about public blog sites; instead, I long to having a website using a dedicated domain name, where are the visits are specifically toward this blog itself.

Some private space sounds good to me, while still allowing the maximum publicity, so I went on and built the site.

Why the name “Two Gather”?

If you would notice, it pronounces like together (the dramatic way, t-oo-gether).

We were a couple living in different cities and always facing challenges along the way, and “Two Gather” was the title of a book we figured out to write (it also had a corresponding Chinese name 「城雙成對」). Namely, it writes the stories of us two gathering together.

Instead of writing the book, I felt it like it’s more natural to write a blog, while they’re the same contents but in a more “liberate” form.

For this is my — our — first post whatsoever, I am not going to talk too much to bore you.

The site is still being “furnished” up, and we cannot wait to write our stories.

Be expecting a short article from C.C soon!