Loving in 2020 him is purple.

Purple, a colour which combines red and blue, represents royalties and mysteries.

Red, the colour of passion, the colour of happiness. The colour of the rose which is cherished by the lovers.

Blue, the colour of sadness, depression, loneliness, sorrows… The colour of the tears which I am quite familiar with.

Loving him is purple.

Purple Flowers | Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Garden

Loving him is purple.

Love is a combination of heartbeat and heartbreak, it gives you ups and downs, and all these emotions make you feel alive. Sometimes you have to bleed to know that you have a soul, while sometimes you have to laugh to confirm that you are not alone.

The pandemic is still not over yet, and I cannot meet him still. But “the delay is nothing, the decision is everything.”

The best is yet to come.