Something has changed.

Something between us has changed. The spark was off, and everything just turn into a tasteless plain piece of bread.

I am not starving, yet I am not satisfied.

He is busy these days. The new company, the new college life, the new types of works… I understand that…

I need him, just like before.

He said he can barely support himself, and there is no way for him to support me if he was in such a terrible condition.

Oh, God, I wish I am by his side, and just by accompanying, I can do so much more than just desperately struggling to get through the lonely days and blaming myself for not being able to give him any support.

The hardship of life nearly tore down every inch of warmth protection and left life be lukewarm water. No passion, no romance. Just the speechless phone call after a familiar FaceTime ring.

Is it really that kind of love that I was longing for?

Some said every romance will, in the end, perish. The only thing that survives the constant attack by time will be another kind of love. The sweet talk and chit-chat will eventually wear off, and all that will be left are the bonding – a family-like bonding.

I need the expression of love. Money is what makes us survive, yet love is what makes us have a life.

I am not asking for “love”, I am asking for “love from him”. There is no substitution.